• A portrayal of a prestigious humanity that for the pure only qualify.
  • A gathering and bridging of hopes touching the upcoming reality of businesses.
  • A tale of affection, real culture and commitment for the value of life and development.
  • A message of peace, brotherhood, unity and growth.
  • It is the land we live in in peace and from it to the whole wide world.

To all who live on one planet those seeking peace, tranquility, and well-being in trade, business, tourism, hospitality, services and all aspects of life, we say: Welcome to the Land of Peace. A land that fuels economy, cities of promising futures and a movement of unprecedented development of a country and a society that is racing with the world.

In the name of this land , we invite you to hold your meetings, spread your creativity and your re-new relationships . We invite you to build bridges of cooperation with your partners, create real investment of opportunities, with reliability of choice and decision providing the best for your business at all times.

Through the acquaintance and peace, a meeting industry is the main link between two entities. Meet Peace the identity of clients was carefully targeted with professional programs found in this context. With you, we grow and spread peace throughout Earth. Befriend MeetPeace & we look forward to seeing you for the launching on imex 2019

Meet Peace Team.

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